Our Mom Friendship May Be Hard Right Now, But I Don’t Want To Miss Out On This Season Of Life Together

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“When you call there is a 99% chance that it will sound like I’m at a rave or WWE event.

We will have a conversation that is peppered with side conversation and the occasional question of, ‘Where are your pants?’

When we video chat, there will very likely be at least one streaker in the background and you may have to look at my kitchen light for five minutes while I break up a fight, wipe a bum, and/or check on dinner that may be burning.

Please keep calling.

If we venture out to any public area most of our time will be spent trying to corral our littles.

It will feel like we never actually got to speak a full sentence in sequence.

There will likely be looks because with that many kiddos and that much commotion there are always looks.

When we have a play date there will be toys scattered in every room of the house and the recliner will still have remnants of my child’s latest artwork that I attempted to erase.

We will reminisce about how we used to enjoy cocktails at brunch while we chug our now cold coffee.

Please keep visiting.

After texting you will likely see the three dots insinuating that I am typing… that will remain for several days until I realize I never actually sent the text.

We will send silly memes so we can laugh at being in the trenches of parenting.

Please keep connecting.

Friendships are hard right now.

With the never-ending interruptions,

the chaos,

the mess,

the distractions.

But I don’t want to miss out on this season of life together.

It won’t be easy.

It won’t always be pretty.

But it will be real.”

mom holding her baby while her friend greets here
Courtesy of Tiffany Yoder

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