I Was Shamed For Posting About My Child’s Diagnosis On Social Media, And I Have Some Thoughts About It 

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“Today, someone told me I shouldn’t post about Ambrose on social media.

She said his diagnosis is a ‘private family matter.’

The thing is, I do think about what my children could feel if they look through my social media channels as adults someday.

Respecting them has always been the first priority here.

I do hold boundaries.

I do maintain privacy.

And I do what I feel is necessary to protect them.

Is there a chance that Ambrose will look back at these posts someday and think I overshared?

I certainly hope not, but yes, there is.

But if I didn’t share…what about the possibility of him internalizing that there is a level of shame in his diagnosis?

What about that?

Why shouldn’t I share my story of being my child’s mother in an honest, worthy, and empowering voice?

I’m not saying that there is a right and wrong choice here.

I’m saying that things are rarely so black and white.

I know it’s no one’s business why I choose to share the things that I do.

But sharing about my baby’s diagnosis has connected me with other moms who are also walking this road.

I’ve been able to talk with adults who share a similar diagnosis.

In doing so, I’ve learned so much, including how to better advocate for my child.

Sharing about Ambrose has also empowered other parents to request further testing to address concerns about their own children.

I know everyone will not agree with my choice, and that is okay.

Some people choose to share every bit of their lives on social media and some choose to abstain from social media completely.

What is right for one person may not be right for another… and that is okay.”

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Courtesy of Taylor Elchert

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