Your Body Is Ready For All Seasons, Just The Way It Is

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“Summer body ready means EVERY body is ready.

We are no longer accepting a narrative that is designed to make people feel ashamed of their bodies, insecure in a swimsuit, and self-conscious during an activity aimed at promoting relaxation, fun, and joy.

It is imperative to our mental health to throw away this idea that in order to (publicly) enjoy ourselves while wearing our swimsuits, our bodies have to look a certain way.

The term ‘summer body’ is used to sell you sh*t: diet programs, tanning products, gym memberships, workout routines, hair and nail products, swimsuits, and every other little thing you can think of that is associated with these categories.

Companies throw around words like ‘perfect,’ ‘confident,’ ‘killer,’ and ‘ideal,’ to describe what a ‘summer body’ is supposed to look like.

It’s shameful and harmful, and sadly it works.

That is…it works as long as we continue to allow these societal standards to have control of how we view ourselves.

Newsflash: the condition of your body TODAY is a summer body already, as well as autumn, winter, and spring body!

Yep, your body is for all seasons.

And your body is beautiful, it’s tangible, it’s purposeful.

Your body was designed to help you do great things in life.

It is the home of an extraordinary mind, a heart of passion, and a voice of importance.

To reduce your body to a ‘summer body’ because society pressures you into viewing it as purely superficial is to deny the very essence of your existence.

So believe me when I tell you, your body is a great body.

Stop torturing yourself for a false sense of control and start living your life already!”

woman in swimsuits having fun
Courtesy of Antoni Shkraba (pexels)

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