My ADHD Diagnosis Has Freed Me From Perfection

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“Do I post aesthetically pleasing photos of my children, or videos of them being cute and sweet?

Absolutely I do.

What I don’t post most days are videos of my kids being tiny terrors or me crying in the corner of my kitchen clutching my ice-cold coffee like a rosary, praying bedtime will be coming soon.

There are just as many of those moments I assure you, I just don’t stop to photograph or video them.

This morning as I write this I am huddled in the corner of my kitchen while one daughter watches Frozen and the other takes her morning nap, looking around my house that was pretty clean only a few hours ago but now looks like a mess blew through here… overwhelmed is an understatement.

Two months ago I was officially diagnosed with ADHD.

Something I’ve lived with my whole life, thinking the overwhelm, anxiety, and freeze response to starting projects or organizing my life meant I was lazy or broken somehow.


Turns out my prefrontal cortex doesn’t work the same as most people.

I’m not lazy; I’m in fight, flight, or freeze and my brain shuts down into survival mode as soon as something seems to be too overwhelming.

This has been a freeing diagnosis.

I’ve tried my whole life to be an organized, high-achieving people pleaser, and while in some ways I have done that, when motherhood hit, the façade of perfectionism became much harder to keep up.

So I said eff it, and while my diagnosis doesn’t change the way my brain works, it’s given me permission to feel okay about things not being ‘perfect.’

I’ve always said I wanted to be honest and open about the ups and downs of motherhood, so here it is.

I choose quality time with my kids over a clean house most days.

My brain and my nervous system can’t handle the pressure of doing it all, and that’s okay.

Some days my house is clean, but most days I choose to lean into the messy house and give my kids my attention instead.

This comes at the cost of my sanity in a messy, overwhelming house, but it’s worth it for my girls.

So if you ever see my page and think I do it all, not even close.

I’m on the struggle bus with the rest of ya!”

woman making peace in the chaos
Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio

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