‘We sat and listened to another doctor tell us how sorry they were, and how my child wouldn’t amount to much.’: Mom urges daughter with Down syndrome is ‘nothing to be sorry about’

“When Emily was just a few hours old, we sat there while a doctor told us she was sorry she ‘shattered our world,’ because Emily probably had Down syndrome.

Then, at just a few days old, we sat and listened to another doctor tell us how sorry she was that Emily definitely had Down syndrome, how hard life would be, and how she wouldn’t amount to much.

mom with her new daughter with down syndrome
Courtesy of Isabel Heron

I just sat there.

These were doctors, medical ‘professionals,’ speaking to us.

They know about what they’re talking about, right!?

Well sometimes the people who should know better, don’t.

I think it took me until Emily was about 6 months old to get my head around her having Down syndrome, an extra chromosome…which is really not that big a deal.

And definitely nothing to be sorry about.

Emily is truly perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her (apart from if she could maybe stop the 2 a.m. parties).

mom taking a selfie with daughter with down syndrome
Courtesy of Isabel Heron

It makes me sad to think of her early days…

How I just sat there.

HowI didn’t stand up for her.

I didn’t tell the doctor there’s nothing to be sorry about, that she’s going to have a wonderful life, that we are the luckiest family because she’s ours and nothing is going to hold her back.

I just sat there.

So, if you wonder why I am going on and will always continue to go on about how wonderful she is, or why I advocate so much for her, it’s for Down syndrome. That’s why.

Because I didn’t stand up for her then.

There will be no more just sitting there; I will NEVER not stand up for her again and I won’t ever let anyone say sorry about her again.

Having Down syndrome is nothing to be sorry about and I won’t stop talking about it until medical professionals, society, and the world acknowledge this.”

daughter with down syndrome playing in the swing
Courtesy of Isabel Heron

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