Immunocompromised Kids Deserve A Fighting Chance, So Please Stay Home

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“Honest to God, just the thought of losing him makes it hard to breathe.

Knowing that the common cold left him unresponsive and limp is terrifying.

Knowing that there is a potential for an extremely contagious and dangerous virus to hit our community is even worse.

I am constantly seeing headlines and news anchors mention that ‘Elderly and immune compromised are the most at risk.’

Well, what do you think he is?

Chemo ✔️

Daily immune suppressive steroids ✔️

Rituximab (infusion that depletes half your immune system cells) ✔️

black and white photo of boy sleeping in a hospital bed
Courtesy of Jessica Herzog

As you can see, his immune system fighting this potential virus is not in his favor.

Ask yourself this before you let your kids play with neighbors, or you go to the movie theater, or you laugh about low airfare and plan a vacation for your family:

Could you live with yourself knowing your actions could risk someone’s life?

Can you look at him and be okay knowing that you attending a dinner date with friends is jeopardizing his treatments, vital labs, and possibly his entire life?

My immune compromised child is depending on EVERYONE ELSE in this neighborhood, town, and world to #Flattenthecurve, and keep this sickness AWAY from our family.

My husband is a paramedic and he is relying on others to also be smart.

Stay home if you are sick. Stay home IN GENERAL. Stop having play dates for the love of God!

Pretend this is your child just for one second.

Now imagine knowing that the fate of your child is largely in everyone else’s hands.

Please, I am begging you, please just stay home.”

boy playing a game in hospital bed
Courtesy of Jessica Herzog

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