‘Mommy, I think when it rains, it’s because the clouds are sad and they are letting out their emotions.’: Mom pens sweet letter to her sensitive child, ‘I’ll always be your greatest cheerleader’

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“To my sensitive child…

Thank you for showing me a way to see the world from a different perspective.

‘Mommy, I think when it rains, it’s because the clouds are sad and they are letting out their emotions.’

Thank you for showing me the kind of unconditional love I never knew existed.

I’ll never get tired of the million hugs and kisses you give me every day.

Every day, you tell me how much you love everyone and how much you hold a space in your heart for everyone you care about and those who you haven’t even met yet.

You live each moment and emotion to its fullest. When you’re happy, you radiate joy. And when you’re sad, you’re not afraid to cry and let out your emotions.

You teach me so much everyday.

Never loose that sparkle in those big, bright, beautiful eyes of yours.

Always let that light shine through, no matter what life throws at you.

I’ll always be your greatest cheerleader.

I’ll always be your biggest supporter.

I love you my sweet, sensitive child.”

Mom snaps a photo of her two sons walking hand-in-hand during a nature walk
Courtesy of Jess

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