‘I’m not going to tell you to savor each moment. But don’t wish away another day.’: Mom’s reminder to ‘stop wishing time away’ because you might ‘miss out’

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“I’ve spent more days wishing time away than I’d like to admit. Days, weeks, even seasons of life that just felt too hard or too monotonous to endure. I longed to press the fast forward button and just skip ahead to the next scene where I was sure things would be easier, better.⁣

This is a ‘recent’ photo of my three awesome sons. I feel like we just took it yesterday. But then I look across the yard as they play a wild game of soccer, and I see how much their faces and legs and haircuts have changed. Oh yeah, this photo was taken nine months ago. Oh yeah, even when time crawls by painfully slow, it doesn’t actually slow down.⁣

I don’t fault myself for struggling, for feeling the weight of hours and minutes that sap my strength or peace or patience.⁣

But I do wish I could now rewind the clock and whisper to myself to stop wishing time away. And not just because my kids grew up in a blink, but because every moment is weighed down with God’s presence—why would I want to miss that?!⁣

If you’re a mom of littles or a single woman or a guy going through a divorce or someone who just got laid off or is laid up with a diagnosis you don’t want, I’m not going to tell you to savor each moment. ⁣

What I do want to tell you is the same thing I’m telling myself: don’t wish away another day because you might miss out on the kindness of God. ⁣

God’s kindness is not limited to happy milestones or easy seasons. God’s kindness can reach you in the middle of diaper explosions and doctors appointments. His kindness can show up when you’re grasping for hope and at the end of your rope.⁣

Every day matters because every day is a chance to experience and express the kindness of Jesus. That’s a journey I want to wake up to every day—not wish away.”

Brothers smile for family picture.
Courtesy of Becky Kiefe

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