3 Self-Care Tips To Boost Your Confidence

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Confidence. Self Esteem.

How do we get it? Am I right?
Confidence isn’t the absence of doubt, but knowing you are more than your flaws.

Something I always get asked is, ‘How have you become so self confident?’ So, I’m here to share 3 tips I know you can benefit from. Let me share below:

1. Write A List Of Things You Like About Yourself

They can be physical or nonphysical. Write down qualities you like about yourself as a friend, girlfriend, wife, mom, etc.

Add to the list as time goes along. Refer to the list once a week and read it again and again.

You are more than your flaws. Everyone has them. It doesn’t define who you are. Focus on what you have to offer instead of what you lack.

2. Know You Are More Than Your Body

Who are you outside your scale weight? Are you a worse person if you weigh 185 vs 165? Probably not. So why do we let the scale hold so much power about how we feel about ourselves?

The people in your life love you for YOU. I know I never have looked at my friend and judged our friendship over her weight. And my husband loves me regardless.

I know if you are single it may be harder to understand, but I promise if you are that someone out there will love you regardless of the scale. Plus, if they are to judge you because of your size, is that someone you really want to be with anyways?

3. Take Care Of Yourself

The times I’ve noticed myself with low confidence is when I’m running ragged. I have too much on my plate and I’m not working out.

Take on less. There’s nothing like feeling overwhelmed and possibly not doing good and handling too many things.

The other important part is eating ‘healthy,’ getting enough sleep and exercising. Endorphins are real. Regardless if you are actually losing weight or not, working out truly does help. More sleep = better energy and eating more whole foods helps with natural energy and a better mind.

Self-care isn’t selfish.

This wasn’t an overnight process for me; it was probably at least a year of building up this newfound confidence. But I want you to start implementing these three tips and see how much it helps you!

Health coach takes a selfie, showing off her fit physique and confident smile
Courtesy of Sara

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