‘My dad is a 50 year old man who can’t put in eye drops, and had to get my mom to do it for him.’

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“My name is Lauren Parker. Everyday my parents show me just how much they love each other, and this time I was able to capture it on film. At the time of the video my dad was preparing for a job interview. He’s in medical sales and is currently seeking employment. I thought he looked great for the interview, but my mom thought that he needed a little sprucing up, so she suggested that he use eyedrops, so he didn’t look so tired. As he attempted to put the eyedrops in he kept flinching and became squeamish, so my mother offered to help. I couldn’t help but laugh at how much my dad struggled as my mom tried to assist him in putting in the eyedrops.

He was never really able to get the eyedrops in, but I loved how goofy and silly my parents get when they’re trying to accomplish something.

My parents and I are very close. My dad has coached me from softball to soccer. He’s my biggest supporter and has always pushed me to better myself. As you can tell from the video, my mom is a no-nonsense person but in the best type of way. She’s strong and hardworking and I admire her in every possible way. I have two brothers (one 22 and one 12) and they both think of my parents as the best people this world has to offer!”

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