As A Mother, Nothing Can Prepare You For The Moment Your First-Born Looks At Their Newborn Child

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“Welp, I’m officially undone in every good way.

As a mother, nothing can ever prepare you for this moment of seeing your first-born son looking at his first-born daughter.

It takes hold of you at the core of your core.

This picture captures every beautiful emotion under the sun plus a whole bunch more I never knew existed until I became a Gramma…

Which happened on May 3rd, 2022 at 5:06 p.m. when our beautiful granddaughter, Zelie Isabela, came into this world.

I’ve been super love drunk ever since.

She is beautiful.

She is healthy.

She is a portal of love for all of us to fall into at this moment in time.

What I am experiencing in my momma’s heart defies explanation.

We spend 18 years loving on our kids like there’s no tomorrow, and then tomorrow comes.

It can often feel like an unfair ending when they leave the nest and go out on their own, but the truth is it’s a beautiful beginning.

We step into a world of unknowns, having no idea what to expect, and then a day like this arrives when the child we gave birth to is holding a child of their own.

In an instant, we find ourselves standing on common ground, soaking in the uprush and downrush of this sacred love relationship only a parent can appreciate.

While I haven’t met sweet Zelie in person yet (we go on Saturday!), I’ve been enthralled with the experience of watching my son settle into his role from a distance via FaceTime, photos, texts, and phone conversations.

It’s the little things that always melt me to the bottom of the cake cone: his facial expressions, the way he describes her, and his heartfelt and intentional care for her mommy.

And seeing my beautiful daughter-in-love become a mother alongside my son in his father role is what dreams are made of.

My grandma heart is mush.

Friends, this is some kind of magic.

It’s everything we ever dreamed it would be for our children, plus more…love at its finest.

Congratulations John Spear and beautiful Emily Loomis Spear…so happy for and proud of you both.

Welp, I’m officially undone in every good way.”

son holding his new born child
Courtesy of Shelby Spear

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