Ohio Marching Band Stuns Crowd With Michael Jackson Inspired ‘Moving Moonwalk’ 

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Being a member of a world-famous marching band involves a lot more than simply being a great musician. Members have to march in distinct formations to carry out complicated choreography while playing their instruments. It’s not easy to do, but it’s so impressive to see when it’s done right!

When it comes to putting on perfect halftime performances, few bands do it quite as well as the Ohio State University marching band. We’ve seen them perform impressive tributes before (who could forget their incredible tribute to Rush’s Neil Peart?), but their recent offering had their audience cheering louder than ever.

Marching band performing in honor of Michael Jackson

During the halftime show of a game against Iowa State, the Ohio State marching band paid tribute to Michael Jackson by transforming themselves into a giant Michael doing a moonwalk across the field. Band members wove expertly through one other to make it look like the legs are moving, and they even created a white glove on the figure’s hand like the one the late King of Pop used to wear.

For those of us who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, this performance is out of this world! Watch it below.

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