‘My parents taught me it’s a blessing to be a blessing.’: 13-year-old boy uses only Make-A-Wish to feed homeless community

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When presented with a Make-A-Wish grant, most 13-year-old boys would buy a gaming system or take a trip to Disney World. But Abraham Olagbegi is not like most teens!

Abraham is recovering from a bone marrow transplant resulting from a rare genetic blood disorder. Last year was a scary time for him and his family, but the transplant was successful, and he’s now on a path to good health. When he found out he qualified for Make-A-Wish, he shocked everyone with his request.

little boy who had make-a-wish posing for a picture
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“I remember we were coming home from one of his doctor appointments and he said, ‘Mom, I thought about it, and I really want to feed the homeless,’” said Miriam Olagbegi, Abraham’s mother. “I said, ‘Are you sure, Abraham? You could do a lot… You sure you don’t want a PlayStation?’”

Abraham’s whole family was supportive of his goal, especially since they’ve tried to teach their kids to give freely and openly to others whenever possible. In the 13-year-old’s words, “My parents always taught us that it’s a blessing to be a blessing.”

Make-A-Wish granted Abraham’s special request, spending a day in September handing out free plates of food to people experiencing homelessness in Jackson, Mississippi. Local businesses donated all of the food and supplies, and together they managed to feed about 80 people!

family with the boy who wanted to feed the homeless with his wish
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Abraham said seeing the gratitude on their faces made his wish come true and “warms our hearts.” Now, the Make-A-Wish team will continue Abraham’s wish each and every month, calling on local churches and businesses to donate the food that the teen and other volunteers serve.

This will continue for one year, and when the Make-A-Wish support ends, Abraham plans to continue the mission on his own by forming a nonprofit.

Abraham’s Table will function in much the same way, accepting donations and planning to feed people one day each week — forever!

boy with his food to feed the homeless

“We’re just very excited to be able to continue on this endeavor. It’s just so rewarding,” Miriam said. “If I was out there on the streets, homeless, I would want somebody at some point to think of me and to do something special for me. So, that’s what I try to instill in my kids and we just try to pay it forward, by doing what we were raised to do.”

That’s some great parenting right there!

mom proud of her son who used his wish to feed the homeless
CBS News

Abraham is wise beyond his years, and he clearly learned valuable lessons about service from his parents. We wish him the best of luck with Abraham’s Table.

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