‘Our son climbed up to the top bunk bed and wrapped the blind cords around his neck. He then began to walk down the ladder, as the cords tightened.’: Mom’s PSA about cord blinds after nearly fatal accident

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“I have gone back and forth about posting this or not posting this, but I believe if this post saves one child’s life it’s worth being vulnerable.

Our sweet 3-year-old boy is a survivor. On January 7th our son climbed up to the top bunk bed and wrapped the blind cords around his neck. He then began to walk down the ladder as the cords tightened, he panicked and tried to yell for mom and dad, but nothing came out.

He scratched the cords to loosen them but all he could grab was skin. At the last attempt to get free he jumped to come get us and that very jump saved his life! The cord snapped and freed him! We heard a loud thud (his jump) and then his loud scream! This was not just any scream it is one I have never heard in my life and it will forever be ringing in my ears.

We took him to get checked out in the ER and they were very concerned and shocked. These blind cords are not meant to break.

Burn on little boys next from him wrapping chord around his neck
Courtesy Arika Hernandez
Close up of little boy's neck that is red and irritated after he wrapped chord around his neck
Courtesy Arika Hernandez

NO CORDED BLINDS ARE SAFE! They now sell cordless blinds and they are worth every penny. Even if you cut the cords once the blinds are lifted up it creates a hazard. The cords cannot be cut short to make them safer… there are still inner cords and if the cord is pulled so the blinds go all the way up, that pull cord will then be long enough to make a loop and strangle a child. My heart goes out the families that have lost their loved ones this way I am so sorry for that heart ache and can’t imagine the pain you have gone through.

These accidents can be prevented let’s take action now! You can never be too safe in your own home. This is something I didn’t think my kids would do because I am constantly nagging them about not putting things around their neck. Kids will be kids and they explore, my son told me he was making a necklace and that’s why it was around his neck. Please help me save the next kid and share this message. Most importantly hug the people that mean the most to you. Be grateful you have another beautiful day with them. We are counting our blessings! God has big plans for our little boy, it was not his time to go. Please please please take my message and take action now!”

Piece of chord from blind in mothers hand whose son wrapped it around his neck
Courtesy Arika Hernandez

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