Our Youth Sports Coaches Do So Much More Than Just Help Our Kids Get Wins

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“Coaching youth sports is more than working on batting orders, field positions, and designing plays.

It’s more than managing schedule changes and coordinating with other coaches, league officials, and parents.

It’s more than carting around game bags, buckets of balls, and extra equipment everywhere you go.

It’s more than taking phone calls and answering emails from parents while on vacation, during a lunch break, or at a birthday party.

It’s more than scheduling time with your family and date nights with your spouse around tournaments, games, and practices.

It’s more than volunteering countless hours of your free time for the benefit of the kids.

It’s more than spending time learning what motivates each player and how to coach in a way that brings out their best.

It’s more than trying to let the passive aggressive (and sometimes outwardly aggressive) comments from parents and spectators roll off your back.

It’s more than trying to find a way to balance fun with learning.

It’s more than finding the strength to be the team’s cheerleader when everyone’s hopes are dashed.

It’s more than a winning season.

So much more.

The truth is, we need those coaches more than we need wins.

We need those coaches who make our kids feel seen.

We need those coaches who can support our kids as they learn important life lessons.

We need those coaches who can help our kids find confidence when it’s nowhere to be found.

We need those coaches who can model winning humbly and losing gracefully.

We need those coaches who are willing to donate their time, hearts, and souls to our kids.

We need those coaches who are willing to step up to the plate, take the field, and run on to the court no matter the price.

Because it’s about so much more.”

Dad coach looks at his son and his teammates and smiles during a baseball game
Courtesy of Jenni Brennan

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