”Skinny girls can wear whatever. Skinny girls have it so easy.’ Yeah, OK, try being skinny for a year and you’ll understand how hard it is.’

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“‘Skinny girls can wear whatever’

‘Skinny girls have it so easy’

Yeah… okay try being skinny for a year and you’ll understand how hard it is. We don’t have it easy. Yeah, we can eat whatever and not gain weight. That’s a pro of being skinny. Other than that, there’s not much else positive out of being skinny.

Being called ‘Anorexic’ people telling you that ‘You need to eat more cause you need meat on your bones’, ‘Do your parents feed you?’, ‘You look hungry’, people CONSTANTLY measuring your wrist with their hand calling you skinny like you don’t know it already, people asking you, ‘Where is your butt?’ or ‘Where is the rest of your chest?’

Leslie Magallanes

I can get an extra small in like pants from somewhere and they would still be too big I have to wear layers under it to make sure they fit. Not being able to wear something because you look ‘too skinny’ only being able to shop at certain stores because they actually respect your size. Going outside and making sure that what you wear isn’t too big or too tight because you don’t want to look like a walking stick with clown feet. Walking outside and you seeing people stare saying rude stuff. If someone insults, you the first thing they say is that ‘You’re nothing but bones’.

Yeah, I understand that thick girls go through similar things, y’all bash us a lot for being skinny and y’all never realize. And no, I’m not saying that being skinny is the worst thing ever. It’s hard seeing thick girls being praised more in this generation simply because their curves & they have meat on their bones, I wonder to myself all the time why I can’t be thick like them. Honestly none of us have it easy. But at the end of the day no matter if your skinny, thick, chubby, fat, or short we all still have beautiful bodies.”

Leslie Magallanes

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