‘No charge today, mate.’: Taxi driver turns down passenger’s cash for sweetest reason

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A viral video of London, England, taxi driver Lee McQueen is showing everyone that no matter what we do for work, there are always ways we can give to others. In it, we see Lee dropping off passengers at Great Ormond Street Hospital, a children’s hospital in the Bloomsbury area of London. Lee holds his business card in his hand as they get out of the car, and when they try to pay him, he cheerfully announces, “No charge today, mate.”

When they ask why he tells them that he simply refuses to charge anyone who is bringing their child to the hospital. Instead, he encourages them to use the money to give to charity or to buy their little one a toy. Then, he hands them his card and tells them to call if they ever need a ride to the hospital in the future.

This encounter has struck a nerve with people everywhere! Lee understands that families like these are under a tremendous amount of stress, so he’s doing what he can to ease their burden. What a wonderful example of being the good we want to see in the world! Witness Lee’s kindness in the video below.

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