Texts between brothers Matthew and Sam Zeif during Florida school massacre will give you chills: ‘We’re gonna get out of here I promise’

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Brothers Sam and Matthew Zeif shared emotional text messages with each other during the frightening moments a gunman was storming the halls of their school on Feb. 14.

Sam, 18, and Matthew, 14, both attend Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School in Parkland, and were frantically texting to check on each other’s safety.

“Are you okay,” a worried Sam texted his younger brother.

“Hopefully. Just know, I love you,” a frightened Matthew replied. “You’re the best brother.”

“We’re gonna get out of here I promise,” Sam assured him.

Twitter/Sam Zeif
Twitter/Sam Zeif

Matthew asked if the police had arrived because his teacher had just died and was sitting in the doorway.

“Yes,” Sam told him.

“I’m on 3rd floor you think I’m ok?,” Matthew asked his elder brother.

“Don’t do anything. Don’t DO ANYTHING. Do you understand?,” Sam replied.

Twitter/Sam Zeif
Twitter/Sam Zeif

Both brothers made it out of the school safely, and are now reflecting on how the terrifying experience has brought them closer.

Sam Zeif

“Scariest part of it all was knowing my little brother was right above me and not knowing if I would ever see him again. I’ve never really treated him the way he deserved,” Sam tweeted the day after the shooting. “Not anymore. Seeing his face outside of school was the most relief I had ever felt. My prayers to all.”

Sam is thanking others for sending their well wishes after his tweets went viral.

He tweeted that his other little brother is in sixth grade and that he’ll “worry every day” for his safety.


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