‘There’s only one of me!,’ you scream. It’s okay to lose it. It’s okay to scream into a pillow. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Or you’ve failed. You feel like a bad mother.’

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“The day you want them to nap, is the day they’ll be jump on couches and resist.

The day you’re going to clean is the day they’re going to throw toys, ask for millions of snacks and draw on walls.

The day you have an appointment is the day they sleep in. 

The day you venture out is the day they are cranky, crazy, throwing tantrums and fighting with each other. 

The night you need them in bed on time is the night they’re up, all night. 

That day is the day that you yell, you lose patience, you feel helpless and you get the most anxiety. Those days are where you feel like a bad mother. 

I know you worry that you are not patient enough, present enough, fun enough, or even enough at all.

I know that on those days you scream, ‘There’s only one of me!’

I know those days are the days you wonder if you’re doing it right because you feel you can’t get it together.

I know, because I feel like that. And she feels like that, and every single other mother feels like that too. 

On those days you don’t have to enjoy every minute.

It’s okay to succumb to the madness. It’s okay to scream ‘I’m one person!’

This phase of life for us is a really hard, challenging, crazy phase of life. It pushes every button in us. It challenges us in every way. It sends our anxiety through the roof. It’s really hard.

Kids cry. They mess things up. The happiest and most loved kids will throw meltdowns over lollipops. It’s what they do. 
Mothers scream loud and swear silently because when you care enough about something where it physically reacts to your body, it makes you crazy. It’s not easy having your heart outside your chest. 

On those days all you have to do is just breathe. It’s okay to be overwhelmed. It’s okay to lose it. It’s okay to scream into a pillow. 

It doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. 

Doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Or you’ve failed. 

Every day is the first time we are a parent to a new experience, a new age, of our children and a new state of motherhood and who we are becoming and that’s not easy. 

Be kind to yourself, you’re doing a great job.”

Laura Mazza

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