‘They said he has no friends and that no one likes him. I have a 13-year-old son with autism. He went to summer camp and was bullied.’

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“My son has autism and he is 13 years old. We sent him to camp for 4 days. When we picked him up he told us someone had stolen his money and his wrist band to play paint ball. My wife asked what happened to him. He said they called him names and that they would kill his family. We asked if he told the counselor and he said yes, we asked what they did about it. He said that they didn’t believe him and did nothing about it. If you ever meet him you would know that he is not the same as everyone else, but on the inside, he is. He loves to hunt, fish and play video games. Most of all he wants to be friends with everyone he meets.

I posted this story on Facebook so my family and friends could share some love with him. A friend told me to make it public, so she could share it. I did, that’s when the love started to pour in like water. I received about 100 messages on my Facebook in 1 day. They all had one thing in common, love. They all wanted him to know how special he was to people he has never met. He has so far received countless support from all around the world. People have been sending care packages for paint ball stuff, books, cards and even money so he can treat himself to a fun filled day. The support and love was the only thing I ever wanted for him.

We read almost all the messages to him and helped him respond. When I read the messages to him he smiles from ear to ear. I wanted him to see first-hand that these bullies were outnumbered by the people who love him. Even though he was bullied he still had a great time at camp.

We may seem different on the outside but on the inside, we are all the same. We want to be liked by friends and loved by family. So, if you are a real man or woman then make a stand when it comes to bullying. Stand up for the little man or woman, STAND UP AND STAND STRONG.

Auron has moved past all of this and he is more concerned about all the people who want to be his friend. He is strong and is having a blessed time with his new friends.”

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