This Artist’s Creative Household Compositions Will Brighten Your Day, Bringing Joy To The Mundane

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Being able to find joy in the little things and look on the bright side of life can take practice. Some might even call it a gift or a talent. With the world feeling like a bit of a dark, depressing place these days, it is a much-needed and much-appreciated one.

Certainly, this London artist has a special ability to be able to see a spark of life and creativity in the common, often overlooked elements of everyday life. “My name is Helga, and I know how to turn a pile of laundry into a horse,” she proudly states in her introduction.

Skillfully capturing her vision and sharing the imaginative imagery on Instagram, Helga Stentzel has brought many smiles to the faces of her followers, helping to open their eyes to the ordinary and appreciate a fun, unique perspective.

Helga’s household surrealism finds the “brighter side of the mundane,” as she describes her style in her bio. The artist finds inspiration in everything she sees, saying she “simply stares at things longer than is socially acceptable.”

While most of our moms probably taught us it was impolite to stare, maybe we can learn a lesson from Helga and stare a little more often, training our eyes to see the wonder in the little things… a sort of “stop and smell the roses” reminder, if you will.

We’ve brought a few of our favorite Helga Stentzel creations to you to enjoy! Hopefully her “brighter side of the mundane” helps to brighten your day as well.


blankets positioned on a couch with book to look like a fox curled up on the couch
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


clothes hung on clothesline to look like a panda in the middle of the forrest
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


washing machines and laundry basket positioned and photographed to look like a silly face
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


clothesline with shirt and jacket positioned to look like a cow in a pasture
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


slices of bread positioned and photographed to look like a puppy
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


clothesline with socks and other clothing items positioned to look like a dinosaur skeleton
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


red bell pepper cut in a way that looks like the pepper is a flamingo
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


clothesline with clothes on it that make it look like a dolphin
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


cake with marshmallows and grapes positioned to look like a dogs face
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


clothes on a clothesline and clips positioned in a way to look like a horse in a field
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


pasta twirled onto a fork to look like a snowman with a small carrot nose
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


clothes hung on clothesline to look like a penguin
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


donut cut to look like two faces are looking at eachother
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


corn and lego heads photographed to make the corn look like lego figure heads
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel


lettuce and olives positioned and photographed to look like a small dog
Courtesy of Helga Stentzel

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