‘This is for the dads who came running when we yelled, ‘Come quick, something’s wrong.’ The dads who asked, ‘Can I hold her now?’ because that time was precious.’

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“This is for the bereaved dads.

The dads who sat in hospital chairs with us while we waited.

The dads who held our hands when we stared at silent screens.

The dads who asked ‘Can I hold her now?’ because you knew that time was precious.

The dads who came running when we yelled for them to ‘Come quick, I think something’s wrong.’

The dads who felt helpless.

The dads who would do anything to fix this.

The dads who couldn’t leave work but would be there as soon as they could.

The dads who drove us to appointments even when they were so distraught they couldn’t see where they were going.

The dads who said ‘It’s okay,’ even when it wasn’t..

The dads who knew just what to say.

The dads who struggled to find the words.

The dads who have cried.

The dads who have never cried.

The dads who are afraid to cry because it feels like they will drown in the tears.

The dads who speak up for us.

The dads who stand beside us.

The dads who carry children in their hearts.

This is for the bereaved dads, because this is for the dads.

We love you.”

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