‘This poor child’s hair was all matted, her clothes dirty. School is not just an outlet for education, it’s a safe haven.’: Woman urges ‘think about the negelcted child’ during school reopening crisis

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“I took this image from a friend who saw this poor kid at a store recently.

There are a ton of people complaining about opening the schools too soon. I can see their side and understand completely.

BUT, have you sat and thought about the kid who is being neglected? (We all have been to school, and there was always that one dirty kid who you knew had it hard at home.)

My God! This poor child’s hair is all matted! And their clothes are dirty!

Do you think she is eating well?

School is an outlet, not just for an education, BUT it is also a safe haven for at least 6 hours.

Teachers also note this stuff and report things like this to the proper authorities, to make sure kids are actually safe.

There are so many kids, like this one, who are falling through the cracks and wishing school was in session, just to get that meal or even have some social interaction with a friend.

Please stop complaining… Think of those kids who are in a situation where they wish they could get that little escape for a day.”

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