‘To the kids who TP’d my house last night…THANK YOU. I’m excited to clean up the mess.’: Man has best reaction to neighborhood kids TPing home

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“To the kids who TP’d my house last night…


Thank you for restoring my hope in the youth.

Thank you for bringing fun in a way too serious world.

Thank you for finding a great use of the excess toilet paper people bought during Covid.

Thank you for allowing me to bring tolerance to an increasingly intolerant society.

Thank you for targeting my house because you like my daughters.

Thank you for making me smile and reminding me of the best days of my childhood.

Thank you for giving us all a break from the issues in this world.

Thank you for bringing light (and white) in the darkness.

Thank you for being KIDS.

Thank you for modeling PLAY.

Thank you for showing CREATIVITY.

Thank you for embracing LIFE IS SHORT, HAVE FUN.

To these kid’s parents and educators….

THIS IS SHODDY TP-ING WORK. We should be ashamed.

We need to teach our youth about doing things with excellence.

We need them to focus on the details.

They needed better coordination and leadership.

We need American kids to step up their game!

KIDS…next time, ask me for more TP so we can fill in the gaps…the trees are too bare, the roof has little to no paper, and you left half-rolls sitting on the ground.

Ask me for help, so I can show you how to coordinate an attack and TP the right way.

Excited today to clean up the mess and smile the whole time. Thank you for spreading joy to me and my girls.

I applaud you.”

Courtesy of Jason Hartanov

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