‘Turning Red teaches kids not to listen to their parents.’: Mom reacts to ‘controversial’ themes in new Pixar movie

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“’Turning Red teaches kids not to listen to their parents and sets a bad example.’

Cinderella disobeyed her stepmother to go to a ball.

The Parent Trap is about twins switching places without their parents knowledge in an attempt to trick them into thinking they were the opposite twin.

Ariel in The Little Mermaid literally traded her voice for legs behind her father’s back.

Simba in The Lion King goes where he KNOWS he shouldn’t be, causing the death of his father and he spends the majority of the movie avoiding all of his problems.

Max in A Goofy Movie lies to his dad and changes the map on their road trip so he can go to a concert to impress a girl.

Mulan risks shame to her family and death to pretend to be a male soldier in a war despite knowing she was disobeying her family and the law.

Nemo in Finding Nemo goes out into the open Ocean to touch a ‘butt’ after specifically being told about the dangers of being out in the open.

Rapunzel in Tangled escapes her tower to go see the ‘floating lights’ despite being told she wasn’t allowed by the woman she believed was her mother.

Merida in Brave uses a spell to turn her mother into a bear in an attempt to get out of an arranged marriage despite the tradition being a significant part of her culture.

Anna in Frozen throws a temper tantrum after being told by her queen and older sister she can’t marry a man she just met, causing a fight so huge all of Arendelle gets stuck in an endless winter.

Hiro in Big Hero 6 goes behind his aunt’s back to form a team to solve a mystery and defeat a villain.

Moana travels on a boat across the ocean in order to find a Demigod and save the world despite her father and chief telling her no.

Miguel in Coco steals a guitar from a cemetery and goes to the afterlife because he wants to play music, but his family is against it.

Luca runs away from home and his parents, pretending to be a human in order to win a Vespa and travel the world.

The statement in these movies is NOT to disobey, but instead, showing children the importance of having a voice and making their own decisions.

The ONLY difference between the disobedience seen in other movies and what is seen in Turning Red is obvious.

Body autonomy.

I’ve seen so many posts about this movie pointing out all of the issues posters deem as inappropriate as they grasp at reasons this movie is not suitable for children all because one aspect of the movie doesn’t agree with their own personal beliefs.

It is a MOVIE about accepting every aspect of one’s self, not a political statement.”

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