WATCH: ‘I’m just trying to take a bath and my rabbit keeps trying to jump in the tub’

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“My husband Shelton and I got our rabbit a little over a week ago and he’s been super friendly and cuddly ever since we brought him home! We named him Oskar but I took him to the vet and he’s still too little to know for sure if he’s a male or female, so I call him Tokki because that’s ‘rabbit’ in Korean. I never knew I needed a bun in my life until now!

Woman smiles while holding baby bunny in both hands up to her cheek

There’s only one hiccup. Now when I try to take a bath, our fuzzy little guy always wants to join me.

Once he realized he could jump to the tub, he wouldn’t quit and I had to get out of the bath because he wouldn’t stop and I was afraid I might not catch him and he would fall in the water. He had no idea — he was just having fun.

This hilarious video has more than 3 million views.

My bunny is seriously enjoying his newfound fame!

Here are more cuddly pictures of our sweet Tokki.

Pocket Pal!

Baby bunny that tried to hop in bath tub in the front pocket of flannel shirt

There’s a bun in my boot.

Baby bunny that tried to hop in bathtub sitting in owners boot

He loves cuddling up next to my husband and sleeping like this too!

Baby bunny that tried to hop in bathtub curled up asleep next to someone

I just found this picture my husband must’ve taken last night when me and the bun fell asleep!

Baby bunny who tried to hop in bathtub asleep under owner's chin

My heart is mush! My cat Clover is obsessed with him and whines when she doesn’t get to play with him.

Baby bunny who tried to hop in bathtub being held in the air next to a cat

I never really thought I wanted a rabbit, but he was so cute and I wasn’t sure how the bunnies were being treated with his previous owner so I really wanted to take one with me.

I don’t regret it at all because my bunny is so sweet, but they are a lot more work than you would think. We made sure to get him an appropriate sized cage and food.

I’ve got a bunny sleeping on one side of me, a cat sleeping on the other and another cat sleeping at my feet. Life is a 10.”

Baby bunny standing on it's hind legs in bathtub

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