10 Best Ways To Heal After Divorce

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Going through a divorce is never easy. Although our circumstances may be different, the process is very hard. It is not uncommon to feel emotionally drained, confused, lost or even afraid. Many questions run through your mind. Where do I even begin to start? The answer is, it starts with YOU! Here are some tools to help shift your focus onto the wonderful qualities about yourself and to embrace your perfect imperfections. A change in mindset is self-acceptance and this is your guide to healing.

1. Me, myself, and I

Self-love to the highest. You are worthy of love. This is the time to take care of yourself and your happiness. Trust your abilities. Get reacquainted with yourself. Accept the things you find hard to love about yourself. Try new things and find what makes you happy. Get to know who are you are and explore all the options available to you. What are your hopes and dreams? Knowing who you are gives you direction in life.

2. Gratitude

Incorporating gratitude into your life is a game changer. Gratitude is the key to a solid foundation. An excellent way to practice gratitude is by journaling. Write down at least three things you are grateful for every day. As you foster gratitude into your life, your thoughts and reality start to align with the positivity you are projecting. It’s focusing on the glass half full and not half empty.

3. Affirmations

Your self-esteem could have taken a beating. Self-criticism feeds this and can only make it worse. By practicing positive affirmations, this will lead to positive thinking, which ultimately leads to change. Remember, you are what you think! So, tell yourself every day how beautifully wonderful you are. Write them on a post-it note and stick it on your mirror if you have to. ‘I am love.’ ‘I am strong.’ ‘I am brave.’ ‘I am authentic.’ ‘I am kindness.’ ‘I am beautiful.’ My favorite routine is using affirmations cards by Love Powered Co.

4. Positive vibe tribe

Surround yourself with like-minded people. People that enrich your life and can offer a positive support system. Focus on the friendships that want to be there for you, let go of the ones that don’t, and be open to cultivating new ones.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being present in the moment without judgement. Focusing on this will improve your overall health and wellness. It will increase personal growth, bring balance into your life, and strengthen relationships with yourself and others. A great way to practice mindfulness is through meditation.

6. Move that bod

Fuel your body with healthy and enriched foods that keep you strong. Incorporate a daily form of exercise. This is a great stress reliever and an awesome feeling of accomplishment once you’re done. Try yoga, going for a walk, biking, or take up a fitness class.

7. Setting healthy boundaries

It’s okay to say no. Setting healthy boundaries is about you and your own values. Taking a break from the relationships that no longer serve you is okay. And remember, you don’t have to explain your reasons.

8. Treat yourself

Go out and do something for yourself. Why? Because it feels good and because you love yourself. Grab a coffee and buy yourself a good read. Get your hair or nails done. Pour that glass of wine, light the candles, blast your favorite tunes, and dance as though no one is watching.

9. Have fun

You only live once so LIVE! Be adventurous. Be spontaneous. Do things out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Book that trip! Whatever it may be, trust me on this one, your soul will be glowing from within.

10. Honor your journey

Remember, every part of your past to this very moment needs to be honored as it has brought you to where you are today. Every obstacle is a blessing to strengthen you. Turn these obstacles into stepping stones of faith. Honor your journey by recognizing that these obstacles are, in fact, truths that are being discovered with yourself.

We strive to do better in our lives. There is always something we could improve. However, we can’t lose sight of who we are. The foundation of ourselves needs to be based upon self-love, acceptance, and gratitude. Knowing within your heart, you are enough. You have the power today to find your truth, to heal from the wounds of the past, and to bring the awareness of self-love to your heart center. Live your life authentically and do all the things that bring you joy and happiness, things that make your heart sing. Take it a day at a time, live each day, one day at a time. It’s about balance of strength and grace. It’s a blend of fun and serious. It’s being a believer in your own magic. It’s about finding the light in the storm.

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