Developing Your Kids’ Imagination Is A Parenting MUST—Here’s 5 Reasons Why

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As parents, we understand the importance of supporting activities to cultivate life-long skills for our children. Nurturing imagination and exploration are two proven ways to help children learn through play.

In 1929, Albert Einstein famously said, “I am enough of the artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

One great way to empower your kids’ imagination and critical thinking skills is with Genius Box, an immersive introduction to real-life science that’s as entertaining as it is educational.

Courtesy of Annie’s Kit Clubs

Genius Box is perfect for all curious kids ages seven to twelve. Plus, your young learner will get a special Top Secret Mission envelope in each box full of colorful instructions and fun challenges. Their mission? Hypothesize, experiment, discover, and explore.

While the importance of developing imagination in children is well documented, we wondered, how does imagination play a factor in our children’s lives?

Here are five reasons to develop and boost pretend play:

  1. Boosting creativity and imagination helps children develop adaptability.
  2.  Imagination helps social and emotional well-being.
  3.  Play impacts and strengthens vocabulary skills.
  4. Imagination fosters thought, learning and problem-solving.
  5.  It improves motor skills and supports physical growth.
Courtesy of Annie’s Kit Clubs

As your child develops their imagination, there are three signs to look for to ensure playful learning. These signs include choice, wonder, and delight.

When children take time to create goals or create and exchange ideas, you’re witnessing choice. Choice also appears as kids formulating rules, reviewing challenges, or deciding length of play.

If you see your child discovering, constructing, imagining, play-acting, or learning through trial and error, you’re witnessing wonder.

Delight will appear as children being silly, smiling, or laughing. Children may also exhibit a sense of comfort or easiness with delight.

Courtesy of Annie’s Kit Clubs

Genius Box from Annie’s Kit Clubs will help nurture all of these signals. Each kit includes 3 separate activities based on a STEM-inspired theme that range in difficulty, along with all the materials they’ll need for the challenge. Plus, each kit contains a Top-Secret Mission envelope for your little learner. Brain-boosting challenges create opportunities to understand science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in an entertaining format.

Courtesy of Annie’s Kit Clubs

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