‘These women are AMAZED someone they don’t know has made something for them.’: Charity partners with Annie’s Kit Clubs to make scarves for women escaping abuse, ‘It’s impacted thousands of lives’

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Handmade Especially for You is a charity full of crocheters and knitters who stitch comfort scarves and distribute them to shelters for abused women. When we were approached by Annie’s about a unique partnership opportunity, we knew something magical was about to happen. Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club, a compassionate crafting community, discovered Handmade Especially for You, and felt a calling to supply scarves.

Our partnership with Annie’s quickly impacted thousands of lives. For the women who make these scarves, there’s a profound meaning and kinship for the women receiving them. These scarves raise the self-esteem of the recipients which is essential to helping them get out of their environment. ‘It made me realize however underrepresented abused women are politically, their stories really touched a chord of women everywhere. I love that so many chose to help them by making Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club scarves.’

pink handmade scarf

As the influx of scarves to Handmade increased, their team was amazed at the quality of the yarn and the workmanship of the scarves. Quite a few of the scarves had notes from the women who made the scarf to the woman who would receive it. These scarves serve a powerful purpose. ‘These women are amazed that someone they don’t even know has hand made something for them, especially something so beautiful.’

It may take more than one shelter or more than one scarf for a woman to begin her journey out of abuse and into education and therapy. It’s all part of the journey. And to be a part of that life decision is nothing short of miraculous. ‘It is really life changing when she makes that momentous decision. Knowing that someone who took the time to make a scarf might have helped in some small way to help her make that decision is so rewarding.’

Since 2008, Handmade has created 149,144 comfort scarves and shipped them to 70+ shelters throughout California. ‘We believe every woman who flees her abusive environment deserves a comfort scarf.’

‘Annie’s was a wonderful and supportive partner. I am touched Annie’s finds our project so worthwhile. Annie’s ongoing support fits right in with our motto: Keep your needles clicking. We never have enough comfort scarves and there are always too many women who need them.’

Support Handmade Especially for You and Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club.”

Woman wearing a handmade, pink scarf

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