LJ Herman

LJ Herman is a former editor at Love What Matters and lives in Colorado. LJ is a concert, ticket and technology enthusiast. He has seen the Dave Mathews Band over one hundred times and counting.

‘I’m going to come back and take you to Mexico.’ She needed TOTAL control. I gave all I was willing to give.’: Woman says mother ‘showed her which path NOT to take’ after years of abuse

“We would find her sleeping under my husband’s van, leaving bags of trash in my driveway and weird gifts at my door for the kids. All in an effort to guilt me into letting her into my house. I did not feel safe. I felt as if she might just pop out of the bushes and take one of the boys and I would never see them again. But I would NOT give in.”

‘I applied for at-home services through our primary insurance, but was denied. We needed to do a psychological exam and have a diagnosis. We did that and were still denied.’: Mother of autistic child receives act of kindness, support from community, ‘It takes a village’

“They said our income exceeded the guidelines. I was so upset because I did not understand. I just wanted the insurance he was entitled to due to his condition. Autism is so complex.”

‘I noticed a slender Black man standing on the corner. It was BEAUTIFUL. He said it was $15.’: Woman shares roadside encounter with kind stranger, ‘The world NEEDS art

“I had less than $5 on me. I told him I didn’t have any cash, but I was going to get some and come back. I’m sure people say it all the time when they ask the price and either can’t or don’t want to pay what he says. But I couldn’t—something inside me needed to and was telling me to go back.”

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