‘Get a REALLY big washing machine. Also a cleaner if you can. And possibly a nanny.’: Mom to 4 boys shares hilariously honest parenting advice

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“1. Don’t wear white. Ever.

2. Teach them all their emotions are normal. Hold them while they cry, stomp the anger into the earth to release it, and laugh at their never ending poo jokes.

3. When you find out you’re pregnant, plant a fruit tree. Or 3. You’re gonna need all the free fruit you can get your hands on.

4. Just admit to yourself now you’re never going to make cool enough car or gun noises. This is a gift I swear only males are blessed with.

5. They’re gonna fight. Let them. But teach them to be aware when enough is enough and always shake after.

6. You’re gonna get pissed on. Lots. Also, make sure weewee is pointing down in the nappy or you’re gonna go through bulk clothes changes.

7. Make sure they have two balls.

8. Set boundaries and stick with them. It’ll make it easier as they grow.

9. Boys are always hungry. ALWAYS pack snacks. But always be in control of the drink bottle unless you’re prepared to have a pee stop every 10 minutes.

10. Get a REALLY big washing machine. Also a cleaner if you can. And possibly a nanny.

11. Raise husbands. Teach them to be tidy, respectful and kind. And at least how to cook eggs.

12. You will most definitely always stand on piss in the bathroom.

13. Make things a competition. You’ll be surprised how quickly a bedroom gets tidy if it means they’ll get one up on their brother.

14. Teach them about the ripple effect. Every single action has a ripple that affects multiple surrounding people, good or bad. What kind of ripples are you sending out?

15. Just be their safe space. Hug them. Encourage them and always have their back. Talk about their day with them everyday. Those little chats build the trust with them for those bigger, more scary chats.

Don’t put pressure on yourself…you can only do what you can do and chances are you’ll look back and wish you did things differently anyway.

They love you unconditionally, mama. And no matter what happens, boys always come home to Mom.”

Boy mom snaps a photo of her four sons cuddling in bed together after a long day of play
Courtesy of Skai Bradley

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