Mom shares photos from son's journey with microcephaly

The doctor said, ‘No one ever told you about his head circumference? It’s really small.’ My heart sank.’: Mom of baby with microcephaly fights for diagnosis, ‘I wouldn’t trade him for the world’

“I laid him down and I noticed his head was turned all the way to his right and his arms were bent up. He looked almost frozen. I told my husband, ‘Ben just did something weird.’ We had seen many pediatricians and they all told me he was healthy. But I knew something wasn’t right.”

‘It’s not just a bad headache or a really bad hangover. It is a hell you cannot escape.’: Young woman details life with chronic migraines, vows ‘I am not giving up’

“It’s lying in bed for days at a time in complete darkness. You can’t concentrate or think because the pain is so bad. You can’t look at even a sliver of light without piercing pain. You can hardly form words or speak. Sometimes, you feel like you are actually going to pass out.”

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