‘I started apologizing for my loud kids. Before I got the words out she said, ‘You’re an incredible mom. You’re doing great.’: Mom shares kind act from ‘Cracker Barrel Fairy Godmother’

“A momentary interaction with a stranger, who knew nothing about me, had made me question whether I was a ‘good mom.’ But then, with just a few words and an act of kindness from another stranger, I was reminded I’m doing the best I can. Even when my kids are acting like a hot mess.”

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‘When I peeked outside, my heart melted.’: Kind landscaper helps widow look for late husband’s insignia pin lost in overgrown yard

“He was out there with a metal detector, going through the blades of grass. Looking for charms that mean nothing to him, but everything to us. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know us. It didn’t matter that he had other jobs to go to. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t his ‘problem.’ He took the time to be kind.”

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