Mural in Chinatown of Elderly woman holding flowers in front of a moon

‘In Chinatown today, I saw two police officers standing over an old Chinese man bleeding on the ground. I assumed the worst.’: Man witnesses community act of kindness, ‘Only together will we survive the hate’

“As we wait for an ambulance, hundreds of Chinese people walk by and also assume the worst. Rather than let the cops have to address everyone one at a time, I stand off to the side and tell people what happened to set the record straight. It’s the least I can do.”

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‘Plastic was not invented to be thrown away.’: ByFusion startup is ingeniously turning plastic into zero-waste building blocks

Plastic is strong, flexible, and built to last. This is why plastic isn’t the problem. The problem is that we didn’t have a good plan for its future. So now it is packed into landfills, burned at the edges of towns sending toxic smoke into the air, and there are continents of it floating at sea killing precious wildlife.

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