Dear Moms, Enjoy The Imperfections This Holiday Season

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“Your kids don’t care if everything is perfect for Christmas.

They don’t care if the family elf has the most perfect goodbye message.

They don’t care if the presents are wrapped perfectly with bows or in Amazon boxes.

They don’t care about the decorations, or how the house looks.

They probably don’t care too much about what’s for supper.

Whether they’re having a family traditional meal or mac n’ cheese.

They don’t care if the PJs match.

Or if they’re Christmas jammies.

Or if they’re the same ones they were wearing 4 months ago.

They don’t care if the perfect pictures are taken.

They probably prefer none, anyways.

They won’t remember if the tree is big or small.

In fact… maybe they prefer the small tree so they can see the star at the top a little more clearly.

But you know what they’ll remember?

They’ll remember your love and warmth.

They’ll remember if you were happy to spend time with them.

They’ll remember how you went with the flow.

They’ll remember the laughter together.

They’ll remember the warmth of your snuggles.

So relax this Christmas.

Relax into love.

And remember that Jesus was born in a stable.

With hay.

With so many imperfections.

But…Full of joy.

So sit back and enjoy the imperfections of this year.

And relax into simple love.”

Little boy sitting on arm of couch admiring the lit up Christmas tree
Courtesy of Kaleigh Christensen

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