‘Collectively, we are going through one of the hardest times in history. Individually, we are all fighting our own battles others know nothing about.’: Burnt out mom urges ‘we can do hard things’

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The motto of motherhood. The words we have to tell ourselves over and over again, through every storm, every hard part, every challenge.

It’s extremely hard to constantly have to put your plans on the back burner to put the little humans you love with your entire being first.

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try to take a moment for yourself, the universe has other plans, and your plans shift. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to fill your cup, it never seems full.

I’m there right now. I have been going to sleep earlier and earlier to wake up earlier to have even just 30 minutes alone…and everyday it seems my kids got the same wakeup memo.

The baby hasn’t been sleeping since she started cutting her front teeth, the older one doesn’t want to do anything alone. I can’t even remember what being by myself feels like most days.

But at the moments I feel as if I may explode, or like I want to run away, I remind myself I can do hard things.

I survived the newborn period twice (unpopular opinion, if you know me you know that stage is PURE TORTURE to me). I have survived parenting through crippling PPA, and I’m surviving daily battling PPD while parenting.

I am breaking generational cycles and choosing to parent gently. I’ve healed from abusive relationships, I’ve healed childhood traumas, I’ve survived my teen years with an eating disorder, and have made it to the other side.

I can do hard things.

When you are at your breaking point, take a deep breath. Think of all the times you have been here before and made it through. Think of all the moments you felt like you couldn’t do something and did it anyway.

Have faith in yourself. These moments are here to teach us lessons, to break us down and rebuild a stronger version of ourselves. You are a warrior, you are a fighter, you are a survivor.

Collectively, we are going through one of the hardest times in history. Individually, we are all fighting our own battles others know nothing about. Never lose the little light inside of you that knows you can do anything you put your mind to. Never lose that faith.

You CAN do hard things, and you will.”

Mom sits on the floor and snuggles her youngest child
Courtesy of Rachael Krupski

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