‘I like your face! Your are beautiful!’: Toddler melts hearts when dad surprises her with clean-shaven face

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When all a toddler has known is their dad with a beard, seeing them without one for the first time can lead to some… well, negative reactions, to say the least.

Then there’s Ellie. Despite asking her dad to “take off” his beard, she was totally shocked when he later revealed that he had followed through with her request. Turns out, she completely forgot the conversation ever happened.

It’s at this point that you might expect things to go south. But instead of crying or staring with disbelief, sweet Ellie began to warm up to Dad’s new look.

Along with asking some silly questions that only a toddler could come up with, she gently touched his face, making sure to give him several compliments. So despite the rocky start, it’s safe to say this new look is Ellie-approved!


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