‘Hair loss, depression, anxiety, mood swings, tears, a healing body—it all can await us after bringing life into this world.’: Mom talks about life postpartum, ‘It’s worth any amount of hair’

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“This is postpartum.

This is pulling out clumps of hair every time you wash it or even just run your fingers through it.

This is only being able to wear your hair up because otherwise it just seems to fall out.

This is seriously wondering how much more hair you could possibly lose.

close up of postpartum mom's hair receding
Courtesy of Kelsey Willey

This whole postpartum thing messes with your body, mind, and emotions in more ways than I could count.

Hair loss, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, mood swings, tears, and a healing body—it all can await us after bringing life into this world.

We all experience postpartum differently.

Some may face bigger waves than others, but we’re all thrown out into the open ocean of motherhood just trying to stay afloat and make our way back to shore alive.

However, no matter how big those waves are, the open ocean of motherhood is the most beautiful, humbling, and awe-inspiring creation there is.

So while hair loss isn’t pretty, It’s just one wave in my journey.

And this journey is more than worth any amount of hair on my head…or in the shower drain.”

Mirror selfie of postpartum mom holding a ball of fallen hair
Courtesy of Kelsey Willey

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