‘I cried after school drop off. It makes me question, ‘Did I do the right thing?’: Mom emotional because she realizes ‘we have to let them figure their battles out on their own’

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“This is for the mom that cries after school drop off.

But not for the reasons you might think. My kid didn’t just start preschool or kindergarten. It’s not because I miss them (although sometimes I do).

It’s because this morning was a battle. And we worry. We worry that we did the right thing for sending them off to a place maybe they don’t feel comfortable.

We worry because maybe they struggle with learning.

We worry because they aren’t thriving or are bored or are being picked on.

We worry because they’ve got their own battles to fight during the day that we can’t help them with.

We worry because they hate it and we aren’t sure if we are pushing them beyond their limits.

We worry because maybe they struggle with special needs. Or maybe they struggle with anxiety and no one sees what it takes to just get them there.

We worry because we don’t know how much to tell others like teachers or their friends and we worry because we want to take away the struggles but we know we can’t.

Because how else will they grow stronger?

But it kills us inside to drop them off when we had a bad morning.

It makes us question ourselves. It makes us wonder if we are good parents. We can’t help but think, ‘Did I just do the right thing for my kid?’

Because we are their biggest advocate, cheerleader, and teacher in this world. But some of it they just have to figure out on their own.

This picture is me as I pulled out of the school parking lot this morning well after my kid should have been there.

I fought a battle this morning and got my kid there. Eventually.

But the soul crushing work it takes some days to just parent is something we don’t always share.

But I’m sharing it because I know there are other mamas out there that cried at school drop off today too.

But not because our babies are growing up too fast. It’s because our babies are growing up and are fighting really hard things. And we have to let them figure their battles out on their own.

And it’s hard letting go and watching them hurt and struggle and find their way.

But that’s what makes a mother strong. We save our tears for the car. So, they don’t doubt themselves.”

Courtesy Meredith Ethington

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