‘I like daddy better than you! He always plays with me!’ Soul crushing, right? All the things I do for you go unnoticed, but I’ll do them for you anyway.’

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“‘I like daddy better than you! He always plays with me!’

Soul crushing, right?

But it’s okay. Because I know in this movie of life, I’m the producer, I’m the director, I’m the writer, I’m the behind the scenes.

I’m the one tidying up the toys while you are wrestled with.

I’m grating up the veggies and hiding them in your spaghetti to make sure you get your good food intake when you’re being tickled.

I’m washing the clothes you’re wearing when you get paint on them from the play area I set up, and while you create your masterpiece, I wander over to wash the dishes from the breakfast I made for you.

I make sure all your appointments are up to date, even when I forget my own. I’m on the phone organizing you to play the sport game you like this week or get you the special boots you need to play.

I’m the one up till 3 a.m. making you the LEGO house you asked for. Hiding Christmas presents and Easter eggs and elves on shelves. Finding your favorite t-shirt that you want to wear the next day.

I know your likes and your dislikes, what triggers you, what makes you upset and what makes you smile.

I set the scene for you every day.

I might not always be fun, but I give my all to make your life a blast. You might not see me doing all the behind the scenes stuff, all the things I do that will go unnoticed, but I’ll do them for you anyway.

You are the star of my movie now, you are my leading actor and actresses, you might not see it now, but one day you will, that I have, and I will always, promise to make your life picture-perfect.

To all the behind the scenes mothers, the directors of tantrums, the writers of the day, the producers of life, you are doing an amazing job.”

Mother smiles in selfie with son who says he likes his dad better than his mom
Laura Mazza

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