‘I park in the handicapped spot. ‘You should be ashamed.’ All of a sudden this woman is yelling words like ‘report’ and ‘police.’: Double amputee pens PSA for ‘handicapped parking vigilantes’

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(This is a true story. The names were changed to protect the innocent.)⠀

Funny but true… It’s a cold winter day. I am wearing jeans. (This is an important detail later in the story.) I’m rushing to my car to get out of the wind. All of a sudden, I hear a woman — let’s just call her ‘Karen’ — yelling at me.

I’m friendly! I assume she’s just going to say she thinks I’m brave or inspirational. But NOOOOO! She is yelling at me because I’m parked in the handicapped parking spot.

Courtesy of Haven Faith Shepherd

I figure, oh well, and just get in my car. She continues to irately yell at me. I try to calm her down by telling her, ‘It’s OK. I really am handicapped!’ But NOOOO, she will not accept that. She starts saying words like ‘report’ and ‘police’ and ‘you should be ashamed.’

So what’s a girl to do? I calmly take off my leg and stick it out the window. Well, OK then…now it’s just awkward! She starts grumbling, ‘Fine, fine, fine. Whatever.’⠀

Courtesy of Haven Faith Shepherd

Here’s the deal, for all of you guys who are handicapped parking vigilantes, I’m sure you mean well. But, it’s kind of like asking a woman if she’s pregnant… YOU BETTER BE DAMN SURE.”

Courtesy of Haven Faith Shepherd

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