I Survived Another Day Of Solo Parenting – Yet I Still Find Myself Wishing I Was Like Other Moms

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“I survived another day of solo parenting.

And to celebrate, I am sitting here on my kitchen floor, leaning against my stove with a dirty hand towel, and savoring a hot beverage.

I didn’t yell at any of my kids today and it feels like an accomplishment.

Dinnertime wasn’t stressful, which felt a bit like being in a parallel universe.

And bedtime was only moderately difficult, which is a huge deal.

Still, I find myself sitting on the kitchen floor and wishing it was easier for me.

Wishing I was like all of the moms I see on social media who seem to actually love motherhood.

Wishing everyday didn’t feel like a series of fights within an epic, never-ending battle no one is winning and is slowly killing my soul.

Wishing just loving my kids was enough to make it easier.

This is what toxic motherhood does.

It makes us feel like failures, even when we actually have moments or days that feel like huge wins.

It makes us feel alone and adrift when truly, we are not the only ones who experience this.

It makes us feel like there is something wrong with us for struggling, for sucking at things, for hating motherhood some days.

So if you are feeling any of this, I am here on the kitchen floor with you.

Holding this hot beverage.

Reminding you nothing is wrong with you.

You are not a failure.

You are not alone.”

Mom solo parenting her children sits on the floor of her kitchen after a long day
Courtesy of Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

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