‘I would have noticed this ‘orb’ around the boys after I took the photo. It wasn’t there.’: Mom shocked by grandmother’s sign from heaven after promising on her death bed, ‘You’ll see things that will remind you of me’

“Something happened today that gave me chills. And to be honest, I’m still trying to take it in. This morning, we headed to Richmond to my grandparent’s church for all saint’s day as they honored those who have passed this year including my grandmother who passed recently. It was beautiful. They had an orchestra from the Richmond symphony and the service was perfect. I had purchased these kids scarfs recently specifically for this service. They reminded me of her because she was Scottish and even though this wasn’t the exact tartan, it was pretty close. We went to lunch with my grandfather and mom after the service. As we were walking back to the car, I spotted this area you see here and thought; this would be the perfect spot to take a photo. It looked like the secret garden that my grandmother loved, and they were in their little scarfs that I got to honor her on this day after a church service that remembered her.

I snapped a photo quickly. I looked at it on my phone to make sure the kid’s eyes weren’t closed or that no one had their tongue out etc. It was perfect and we went to the car.

I can promise you that I would have noticed this lighting and ‘orb’ around the boys when I quick checked after I took the photo. It wasn’t there. This photo was also taken in 100% shade around 1:45 pm; no sun coming from the side

I’m a picture person. You ALL know that. I love capturing memories because I’ve been reminded too many times that at some point, that’s all we will all have left. I’ve never had anything like this. And I would have noticed. Why today? Is it her? Is she protecting them? Is this my sign?

She told me before she passed that she wouldn’t come back down to earth. That she was ready to rest in her cloud. She said ‘You’ll see things that will remind you of me, but I won’t put them there for you. They will just be there.’

I did a little bit of research to try and get some validation for myself because I promise you, this was not there when I originally looked. These ‘orbs’ can be signs or maybe they can’t. But after letting it sink in since 1:45 pm today and having it eat away at me, I’ve come to this…

Have you ever seen one million dollars? Me neither. So how do we KNOW it exists? Because we believe. So why not? It’s her and that’s all I need to know to bring me peace and joy. I believe. Today, I feel blessed that I was given this gift and I thank her. They are her sunshine at the end of her rainbow and this afternoon, she reminded me to celebrate the temporary and that she is always around, even though she promised she would stay in her cloud.”

Courtesy Kelly Blumenthal

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