‘Tonight, like every night, I got to kiss my boys goodnight and tuck them in. My heart breaks for the families who don’t get to.’: Mom reacts to recent attacks on Ukraine

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“Tonight, like every night, I got to kiss my boys goodnight and tuck them in.

I get to play games, read books and watch movies with them without worrying that our house will be hit with missiles.

I get to be their safety net and shield them from as many bad things as I can.

I get to be the one catching metaphorical bullets without them even knowing they were fired.

I get to make them their favorite strawberry banana smoothies whenever they ask for them.

I get to make sure they are happy and loved without worrying where they will rest their heads at night.

I get to have all of these privileges and more with my children. I do not take them lightly.

My empathetic heart knows what others are currently going through, especially those in Ukraine.

My heart breaks for the families who are being separated for safety.

My heart breaks for the families who have lost loved ones in this battle so far and for the lives that have yet to be lost.

I won’t pretend to know more than I do about what’s happening on the other side of the world.

But what I do know is that children are having their childhoods ripped from them.

That is NEVER OK in my book.

Children should never be casualties of any kind in any form of war.

At some point, these ‘leaders’ need to step down from their power high and have a few doses of compassion.

I don’t have the answers, but I know that tearing good families apart has never been a solution that worked for anyone.

I pray that these families—and all families who do not get to tuck their children in their beds safely at night—get the peace and comfort they need sooner rather than later.”

two boys in their pjs sleeping
Courtesy of Holly Dignen

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