To My Future Babies, I Will Continue To Write Our Story

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“Our journey to parenthood has not been what one would consider to be ‘normal’ by any stretch of the imagination.

It has been filled with numerous ups and downs, so many trials and tribulations, and more setbacks than I can begin to count. Not once did I ever see any of this coming our direction when we decided to try and grow our family, and absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what we were about to endure while on this winding road of trying to have a baby.

When you want something so desperately you will do everything in your power and at your disposal to make that dream a reality, even if there is no guarantees anything you are doing will work in the end. As long as there is the slightest of chances it could bring you closer to that miracle you have been longing for, you will try anything, no matter how crazy it may appear.

You want to know why…

Because there will come a day when you get to tell that precious little child everything you did to bring them into this world…and wow, what a beautiful story it will be.

You’ll get to tell them you never once gave up hope for them.

You’ll get to tell them about every single mountain you had to climb.

You’ll get to tell them just how much of a fighter you were.

And when it’s all said and done, you’ll get to tell them it was all completely worth it a thousand times over, because they are here with you.

So to my future babies,

I don’t know when the time will come that the ending of our journey no longer remains unwritten, and I’ll finally get to tell you this story…until then, I will continue to write it. No matter how many more chapters there may be, or how much longer it will take, I will never stop writing the pages of it until the day comes that I finally get to share them all with you.”

Woman struggling with infertility hopes a sign that reads 'One day I'll be able to tell you everything I did to bring you into this world'
Courtesy of Mackenzie Eckinger

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