‘I was home alternating rapidly between ‘totally chill, this is great’ and ‘tell me again why school buses don’t have seatbelts?!’: Mom shares learning to balance parenting anxiety

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“I’m not a helicopter parent, or a free range parent, or a snow plow parent.

I think I’m more of a ‘let them go and then panic the whole time’ parent. Is there a name for that?

The kids had their first week of summer camp, at a new place, with new friends, and on a new schedule.

This week they went on their very first bus ride and had their very first field trip.

Meanwhile, I was home in my office alternating rapidly between ‘totally chill, this is great’ and ‘tell me again why school buses don’t have seatbelts!?!?’

It’s all part of growing up though. For them and for me.

They need to experience new things to become the people they will be tomorrow and the next day. I need to let them do it and keep the nerves at bay to be the mother I will be tomorrow and the next day.

No other job I’ve held requires this level of emotional investment and responsibility. No other role has stretched my limits more or taught me more.

I’m grateful for my other roles and know they shape me and will shape my children in other ways.

But the role of mom – the nervous mom, proud mom, chill mom, anxious Googling mom – this is the one that helps me grow the most.

Every day. In lots of ways. We’re all growing up.”

mother with her two kids, one has a big smile close to the camera, the other is with her mom in the back making silly faces
Courtesy of Becca Carnahan

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