‘You lost your first tooth, and I lost a tiny piece of my heart.’: Mom shares accepting new milestones, son growing up too fast

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Today, you lost your first tooth.⁣ You bit into a piece of pineapple and we knew it was time.⁣ For weeks, you wiggled it and wiggled it, and you asked repeatedly what would happen if you accidentally swallowed it.⁣

I knew it was coming.⁣ I knew it was going to come out eventually.⁣ But, it turns out, I wasn’t quite ready to see that big, toothless grin just yet.⁣

Losing that first tooth is a right of passage.⁣ It’s one of many ‘firsts’ that seem to all jumble together during these early years of adolescence. ⁣

It’s just a tooth. You’ll grow another one.⁣ You’ll lose the rest eventually, too.⁣ Right?

Today, you lost your first tooth,⁣ but I lost a tiny piece of my heart.⁣ How did we get here?⁣ How did I manage to blink, only to find a little boy where my baby used to be? That tooth represents so much more than a much anticipated visit from the tooth fairy.⁣ 

It’s the first time you called me mom instead of mommy.⁣ It’s your hand pulling away from mine when you see your friends on the playground.⁣ It’s crossing the aisle at Target, you know, the one that separates the toddler section from the boys section.⁣ 

It’s booster car seats,⁣ showers instead of baths,⁣ and picking yourself up when you fall down.⁣ It’s you reading me books, instead of me reading them to you.⁣ It’s watching you ride away on your bike, training wheels off, collecting dust in the garage.⁣ 

Today, you lost your first tooth, and although I had to swallow down the tears threatening to spill over the rim of my eyes,⁣ I clapped.⁣ I cheered.

I helped you nestle that tooth into the soft cushion of the pillow I ordered off Amazon just for this occasion.⁣ I held onto you just a few minutes longer as you gave me the biggest hug, and looked down at that goofy, newly toothless grin.⁣

I may not have been ready.⁣ I may have a tooth-sized void left in my heart,⁣ but I know it will be filled.

This right of passage is just one of many to come, and I will do my best to embrace each one. ⁣I know every time I feel like I’m losing a piece of my baby, a new piece will grow in its place.⁣

Just like a tooth.⁣ A piece that loves a little boy, and eventually a teenager, and then a man.⁣”

Young boy poses with a missing tooth and a tooth fairy pillow
Courtesy of Mari Ebert

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