‘Honey, did you decide what activity you want to try this fall?’ Her response: ‘I’m just going to do nothing.’: Mom shares reminder it’s okay to let kids be kids

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“During the last couple of weeks prior to school, I’d ask my daughter what activity she wanted to sign up for.

Last spring, she excelled at soccer but opted not to do it again.

She contemplated taking an art class and gymnastics.

The ninja class was full.

She was too young for lacrosse.

So, one day when we were driving in the car, I asked her, ‘So, honey, did you decide on what activity you wanted to try this fall?’

‘I’m just going to do nothing,’ she said.

I took a deep breath.

And then exhaled all of the pressure.

The perfect answer.

And from a 7-year-old nonetheless.


She wants to come home from her new school in her new neighborhood and mingle with kids.

Be free.

Be wild.

Be a kid.

She doesn’t want to scarf down a snack and be whisked away by the Mommy Taxi.

Of course, it’s quite alright if your child does activities.

They help mold you into who you are, after all.

I just think it’s time our society normalizes doing nothing, too.

Because you better believe my daughter is learning a lot.

How to navigate her way in a new neighborhood.

How to problem solve without adults.

How to use her creativity and build fairy houses with twigs and giant shelters with sticks.

How to mentor the littles and be mentored by the bigs.

She’s learning how to be a good human.

No, she won’t get a trophy or a medal for it.

And that’s more than okay.

My daughter chose to do nothing.

But to her, that means she’s choosing everything.”

little girl with a stick in the forest exploring
Courtesy of Angela Anagnost-Repke

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