‘My son recently asked, ‘What did you get for Christmas as a kid?’ So I told him. ‘I honestly don’t remember.’: Mom shares sweet Christmas reminder, ‘Only the memories last a lifetime’

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“My oldest recently asked me what I got for Christmas when I was a kid.

So I told him. I told him I honestly don’t recall.

I mean, I remember the bike with the little white basket and pink streamers flowing from the handlebars. And of course, I remember the puppy. But to be honest, that’s pretty much it.

And it’s not because I was some wise, awesome, non-materialistic kid. I loved a good present, and I’m sure I begged for all the things in the Sears catalog.

It’s simply that what sticks out to me most are the moments.

Decorating the tree with my favorite Hallmark ornaments, Christmas music ringing through the house.

Sledding down the neighbors’ driveway.

Sipping hot cocoa from mugs adorned with snowmen and snowflakes and Santa.

Baking Christmas candy and cookies to deliver to neighbors and friends.

Watching Christmas movies just about every night from Thanksgiving ‘til Christmas Eve.

Driving around town in search of the best lights, singing Christmas carols along the way.

Because the stuff?

It fades. It breaks. It gets lost. It loses its sparkle and shine and excitement.

But those memories? Those moments?

That’s life. And joy. And family. And love.

And that’ll last a lifetime.”

Courtesy of Krista Ward

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