Sweet 2020 Baby, You’ve Been The Light In The Darkness

“Sweet 2020 Baby,

I just want to say thank you.

Because in many ways, this year has been a mess.

A bit of a disaster, really.

But you.

You’ve been the light in the darkness.

The calm in the chaos.

The joy in the midst of a whole lot of hardship, pain, and frustration.

So I know people will talk about 2020.

They’ll talk about the stress and the fear and the sadness.

They’ll recount every bit of the hard stuff that’s brought tears to my eyes more times than I can count.

But I’m just so glad, when I think back on this year, I also get to think about you.

Because you’re such a gift.

The sweetest blessing.

And even though things looked a little (okay—a lot) different than I’d planned, and it certainly wasn’t always easy or comfortable, your timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

So thank you, little one.

Thank you for allowing me to be grateful for 2020.

Because it gave me you.”

Courtesy of Krista Ward

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